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Crusoe Treasure lands in the United Kingdom

Crusoe Treasure lands in the United Kingdom

Crusoe Treasure lands in the United Kingdom 900 460 Ane Martín

In these complicated times that we are living worldwide caused by the health crisis of COVID-19, Crusoe Treasure wants to stand alongside people and be closer to them. In this context we have landed in the United Kingdom to offer the possibility of purchasing our underwater wines in this area, providing the opportunity to share new experiences and moments of serenity.

Bodega Crusoe Treasure is the first underwater winery and artificial reef specialized in aging beverages in the sea. The location of our underwater winery and laboratory in Plentzia Bay of the Basque Coast of Spain offers unique characteristics where our treasuring process takes place. Matured in small batches and carefully monitored based on ocean temperature, currents, light intensity and marine influence, every care is taken to create an underwater wine of exceptional quality.

Further, sustainability is the cornerstone of the Crusoe Treasure business model. Bodega Crusoe Treasure is revolutionizing the wine industry through sustainable practices while creating greater awareness about our oceans and educating others about marine life and protecting our ocean treasure.

Our presence in the United Kingdom aims to improve the accompaniment of this type of consumer the one who loves wine by offering an innovative and exquisite product, because of its evolution in the sea and its oenological quality. We want to accompany them in this pioneering and unique experience in a country where they believe in uniqueness and appreciate “the art of wine making“.

We are starting this adventure in the UK with the launch of three very special wines. The first one is a white wine, our Sea Soul Nº7, a white Grenache from Terra Alta. However, for those who love red wine, we are launching our Sea Soul Nº3, a fine ink from Ribera de Duero and our Sea Passion Nº2, which also corresponds to a fine ink although particular due to its longer maturation time in the barrel and at sea.

We invite you to live our adventure by purchasing one of our underwater wines and tasting this great treasure by yourself, greeting you at your doorstep in just 24 hours.

 Moreover, for the purchase of one of our wines you will receive as a gift the opportunity to live a virtual tasting by the hand of one of the founders of the winery in which you will be able to know all the history and curiosities of the winery and our underwater wines. We believe that in these difficult times it is important to support each other to get out of this situation as soon as possible.

We stand very close to you.



Inspired by Robinson Crusoe and all his adventures we remind you of this phrase that certainly generates memories and feelings:

For sudden Joys, like Griefs, confound at first.”

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