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Our vineyard in Barrika

Our vineyard in Barrika

Our vineyard in Barrika 1024 768 Ane Martín

Our vineyard is situated in one of the most privileged places of the Bay of Biscay.


Among all the areas that compose the Bay of Biscay, Barrika is undoubtedly a very special one. Its proximity to the sea makes it an exceptional place, not to mention the important connotations it has for Crusoe Treasure to have a vineyard right next to our underwater facilities. At an altitude of 130 metres above sea level is this vineyard, located on the hills near the bay, overlooking the Cantabrian Sea.

From left to right: Antonio T. Palacios, Ibón Saitua and Borja Saracho

The vineyard extends for approximately one hectare. The vineyard has vines of the Riesling and Sauvignon blanc varietals, both of white grapes, and which are within the Bizkaiko Txakolina nomination.

This vineyard joins the network of Crusoe Treasure vineyards. In this piece of land, the vines are approximately 20 years old and for a period of two years were unexploded. We are currently developing a project to bring these varietals back to life, with whom Crusoe Treasure has started to work in 2020 with Ibón Saitua.  We intend to expand our collection of white wines, Viognier, White grenache and Albariño. Under the leadership of Antonio Palacios, our winemaker, we hope to create a new Crusoe Treasure gem in this vineyard so close to our sea, to our bay.

Among the experiences we offer at Crusoe Treasure you will find the visit to this vineyard, where you can see first-hand the privileged place in which we are located both at sea and on land.


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