; Sea Soul Nº 7 underwater wine - Crusoe Treasure Winery

Sea Soul No.7


  • Extraction Date: 09/28/2018
  • Limited Edition: 2.500 bottles.
  • Packaging: Boxes of 1, 3 or 6 bottles. Every bottle comes in a specially designed gift box featuring beautifully detailed watercolor paintings of native marine life.
  • Production: Aged on lees for 4 months and undersea treasuring for 6 months.
  • Varietal: White Grenache.
  • Appelation: Terra Alta, Catalonia, goblet ancient vineyards.
  • Specific Region: Batea.
  • Alcohol Content: 14,5% Vol.




  • Ideal storage temperature: 12º (53,6ºF)
  • Recommended serving temperature: 5º (41ºF)


  • Dr. Antonio Palacios, Head Enologist Bodega Crusoe Treasure.
  • Héctor Díez, enologist Bodega Crusoe Treasure.


  • Visual: Brilliant color, straw yellow with green hues. Clean and very bright.
  • Aroma: Elegant and earthy. Mineral hues of cobble stone, volcanic rock and granite. Fresh fruit of pineapple, peach and plum. In glass appearance of honey, sweet ripe melon and pear aromas. Full character with spicy notes.
  • Flavor: Intense, bold and full body, glycerin and silky, with a well-balanced acidity. Retronasal with fresh, citric and menthol, finishing in peach and plum. Very refreshing and structured.

Sea Soul Nº7


Discover the effect of underwater ageing with the DUET pack. A limited-edition wine sampling of Sea Soul Nº7. Each pack contains a wine treasured under the sea and the same wine aged on land. 500 Duet Packs.