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Do you know virtual wine tastings?

Do you know virtual wine tastings?

Do you know virtual wine tastings? 2016 1134 Crusoe Treasure

The month of March began with excitement, with the desire to see what the arrival of the spring would hold for us. With the enthusiasm of open-air celebrations, parties, toasts, overall, special moments with the people we love most by our side.

The COVID – 19 caught us all off guard. We gradually saw how the days went by, how the conversations became more and more frequent about it, how everyone’s uncertainty increased, until it finally came. The state of alarm arrived, the quarantine, life as we had been living it up to now began to change over the weeks, over the months.

From every situation, people try to get something good, something positive, and we wanted to be a part of that. We wanted to achieve a way of getting closer to you, a way of thanking you for the support we received when purchasing our underwater wines, noticing that you appreciate the great work of quality and effort that lies behind it. We wanted to entertain you during the confinement, so that you could enjoy a new experience, and share moments with you.

The tasting of our wines has always been an incredible experience, we just needed to adapt them to the current situation, to a non-presential situation.

This is how we started the personalized and interactive virtual wine tastings, a way to enjoy our underwater wine in company, getting to know the winery, hand in hand with a person from the founding team.

“I loved enjoying an underwater wine to the fullest, knowing all the history behind a great project. We will do it again. We are sorry to be “so tiresome” but we have many friends who we cannot see now personally, with whom we usually share suggestions for wine, food… and now, especially, we value very much to feel close to them sharing a good time with good wines like yours, through the virtual tastings”. Ana Maria Moreda

«[…] This winery is different and unique. Furthermore, the treatment was exceptional, very welcoming. We were very comfortable throughout the tasting. The best was the taste of the sea».  Eva Torrent

In the 40 minutes that a session lasts you would be able to enjoy the virtual interactive tasting, either alone or accompanied, from the comfort of your home and learn more about Bodega Crusoe Treasure, a unique and different project while tasting together one of our wines.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand about wines or on the contrary you are passionate about them, the virtual tastings are adapted and personalized for each user so that at the end of the session you feel that this experience has served to bring you closer to us and to the experience of enjoying and chatting about wine.

How does a virtual wine tasting work?

All you have to do is choose your favourite underwater wine from our online shop. Once the wine has arrived at the address you have provided, you can send us a message telling us your wish to hold a virtual tasting and together we will find a date and time for the experience. During the COVID-19 alarm state the virtual tastings are free of charge.

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