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¿What does underwater wine treasuring mean?

¿What does underwater wine treasuring mean?

¿What does underwater wine treasuring mean? 1024 768 Crusoe Treasure

Our wines are designed on land in order to be aged under the sea. We designed them to be TREASURED.

The aging of wine can be performed with countless procedures.  And even though there is a wide variety of vinifications with excellent results, still nowadays innovative methods are presented. One trending example is the underwater wine treasuring.

Most popular onland wine aging

  • Barrel aging: It is the most common one. Depending on the size of the barrel, the kind of wood and how old it is, it will provide different scents to the wine. On the other hand, the porosity of the barrels allows the wine to breathe (for there to be oxygen transfer), which makes it mature and soften, and the tannins to round up.
  • Bottle aging wine: once bottled some wines need to wine needs to be stored in optimal conditions to put the finishing touches to it before being taste. Also, after being sold, to preserve wines life and keep it tasting as wonderful as possible they need to be stored in good conditions. They are three factors affecting wine being aged in a bottle: temperature, light, and humidity (depending on their closure).


Underwater or sea aging

  • Underwater storage: consists, as the name implies, of storing bottles of wine, champagne or other beverages under the sea without any type of control of the conditions. A depth is chosen and it’s left there for a period of time (usually years). Then, they are recovered hoping that their conservation has been good. Drinks have been recovered in sunken wrecks that have allowed us to know part of our history, but also to learn how some drinks have evolved without any control under the sea. In France, experiments of this type have been carried out by submerging wines more than 50m deep, with the aim of leaving them for 10 or more years and see what happens.
  • Underwater aging: aging is the chemical process that wine and other ethyl beverages undergo, allowing their optimal evolution. This process traditionally is carried out in the winery, where its evolution is controlled and standardized. In the moment where the sea environment enters in the wine aging, we create a new aging process, totally different from tradition. This innovation in winemaking means the loss of the commonly used vocabulary to refer to those wines. This is due to the fact that the behaviour of the wine in the sea changes completely to the air and the result is different from that obtained on land. Therefore, it is a new process and with a different way of elaboration with its own steps. In addition to these terms, words such as: young wine, “crianza”, “reserve”… cannot be used for the same reason.
  • Underwater treasuring: it is a new winemaking process, born and improved after years of research, in which the wine must be designed in a certain way, controlling a specific series of parameters, among other factors, with a specific elaboration to be “sunken” under the sea. This type of production has been possible, thanks to our renowned enologist, Antonio T. Palacios.

Underwater wine treasuring

Some differentiating factors of our underwater treasuring process, in its marine phase, are:

Temperature. The wines are subjected to small continuous temperature changes. Without exceeding 19 ºC nor falling below 12 ºC.

Pressure. The wines are subjected to a pressure of 3 bars (3 atm). This causes that oxygen partial pressure inside the bottle changes, and is greater inside than outside. Together with the lower gravity facilitate the processes for the different evolution of the wine.

Movement. The constant rocking of currents, tides and waves make that our underwater wines do not rest, they sway, and they evolve at the constant rate of marine movement.

Gravity. Under the sea the weights of objects are less. The same happens with liquids, so the wine is subjected to a greater pressure that affects its structure.

Tides. Every six hours the sea rises or falls up to 4 meters high, without stopping. This is one of the effects of the moon. We have extreme biodynamic wines. These strong tides increase or decrease the pressure on the wines, making them “breathe” more or less every six hours.

These are some of the factors that determine our underwater “vintages”, but there are more, such as the treatment given on land, the underwater treasuring in barrels or in bottles in our underwater winery-artificial reef, the storms or the treasuring time depending on the results we want to obtain.

In the production of wines to be treasured under the sea, as well as on land, nothing is left to chance, it is a controlled process, result of years of research with our enologist Antonio T. Palacios.


Now that you know more, what wine treasured under the sea do you want to taste?