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What’s your favourite underwater wine?

What’s your favourite underwater wine?

What’s your favourite underwater wine? 1599 1200 Anna Riera

When it came to creating our wine collection, we counted on a wide variety of wines made from grapes grown in different territories, taken care of by our great family of winegrowers led by our oenologist Antonio T. Palacios.

We currently have 10 references, including whites and reds, which we still fall in love with every time we taste them. In our team of Bodega Crusoe Treasure, just as you do, everyone has their own preferences, or their favourite wines. These are the favourites of several of us:

Iñigo, our sales manager, tells us that it is very difficult to pick out just one or two wines, but even if he had to choose, he would stick with our Sea Soul Nº1 and the unbeatable  Sea Legend Nº5:

I’ll start with number one. The Sea Soul Nº1. An Albariño from the Rías Baixas region, which is precisely where it is most in demand in Galicia. This detail gives you a lot of security when selling it, because where the Albariño is best known is certainly in Galicia. This wine was very hard to make and there was a lot of work in the vineyard, but the result was worth it and the results and customer satisfaction is what counts”.

“Another wine to highlight is what we call our winery’s GOLD. The Sea Legend Nº5. A Viognier grown by Alex Ascaso in Ayerbe and finished by Antonio. Its colour, smell and taste are impressive. It is a pity that only a little less than 500 bottles are produced. The GOLD is scarce…”



For Eugenia, our production manager, her favourites are the Sea Passion collection, wines in which there is more work to be done both on land and at sea. Among them we have the Sea Passion Nº2, a Tinta fina from Peñaranda de Duero:

“This was the first wine that started the transition of our project. We went from producing very small quantities of just two wines, to a collection with a range of more than 10 products, in quantities more in line with demand. I remember that this journey was “hell”, structuring and designing processes, a challenge worthy of an innovative winery like ours. That is why Sea Passion Nº2 for me is our flagship, our banner, the first of our new journey, and therefore faithful to our origin and at the same time leading edge of what was to come”.

And Sea Passion Nº6, our Tempranillo Maturana:

“Elegance and distinction define this wine, which tries to pick up the baton of our old Classic but cannot help but overcome it in all its phases, with a penetrating and intense aroma that stimulates the palate to remain in the memory of those who taste it. An excellent work of craftsmanship, with an exceptional grape that the sea has been able to make grow with all its tender bravery”.


Anna, our communication manager and marine biologist who watches over the artificial reef, opts for Sea Soul Nº4, a very light wine that leaves no one indifferent, and Sea Legend Nº10, our exclusive grey grenache:

 “I am fond of these two wines in particular, the Sea Soul Nº4 and the Sea Legend Nº10 because I had the opportunity to meet the winegrowers who grow these two varietals and visit the vineyards, one located in the Hoya de Huesca and the second in the desert of Aragon. I was delighted to see the passion of the winegrowers, Álex and José Luis, for the land, the vineyard, their way of working respecting nature and above all to see their expression of pleasant surprise when tasting the result after passing through the sea. It is a moment that I keep with affection.

On the other hand, I was able to taste the Sea Legend Nº10, during a tasting conducted by our enologist, Antonio,  during the Underwater Wine Congress held in December 2019, discovering this very special and limited grey grenache, quite an experience”.



Javi, the captain of the boat in the underwater cellar, tells us that it is very difficult to choose just one wine, but if he had to choose, he would take the Sea Soul Nº 8 and Sea Passion Nº 9:

“The truth is that at Crusoe Treasure we have very good wines, but we also experience very good moments. The Sea Soul Nº8 is a Grenache, which we had to make several trips to dive and to start the underwater treasure. I have very good memories because of the great variety of days. Some days the sea was very calm and everything came out round. The next day we had another outing with another 5 cages, about 2,500 bottles that we had to submerge and suddenly the wind started, the breeze started a little, changed to northeast, the work got complicated. After a few days we had to suspend the outings, then of course, apart from having the work of a traditional winery, we were joined by other types of situations, in this work the issue is more curious.

As for the Sea Passion Nº9, for me, it is the star of our wines, it is an incredible red, practically a Grenache “tintorera” with Syrah that promises a lot. It’s an exquisite wine, a wine that has been under the sea for about 15 months, and the evolution it has had has been perfect. I also have very good experiences with this wine. I especially have the memory of a day when we had to go on an outing. We had it all worked out: the weather, the sea conditions. That day, we also had a visit during the extraction. It was very curious, the same visitors saw in situ, on board the ship, the extraction of the wine, at that precise moment and we could taste it as we took it out of the sea, with all its evolution, sharing it with them, toasting all together. The truth is that it was a unique experience and I have very good memories, because they also left very happy with the experience and of course after 15 months submerged the moment was very emotional. Our Nº9 is a wine that promises a lot and has been very successful”.

Borja, Founder of the company, among his favourites is the Sea Soul Nº 7, our white underwater grenache:

“I would say that, for me, my favourite, because of the history, is the Sea Soul Nº7. It was very difficult to make white wines, and this was the first one, that’s why I’m fond of it. Its immersion was very difficult, the days were very warm, we were going against the clock… and then when we extracted them, quite close to the storms…


We learned a lot from it. We saw how well it evolved, in a specific area of the winery… (everything cannot be told) and the truth is that every time I drink it, its freshness and mineral character, reminds me of those moments, and the images of it under the sea. “

And our Sea Soul Nº 3, a Tinta fina from Peñaranda de Duero:

“And in reds, I love our Sea Soul Nº3, which at first was the ugly duckling of our wines, but time went by, and after we pulled it out of the sea it was amazing, and they started calling us from Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland... surprised by how it had evolved. Now, it’s a great wine, something very different, surprising, that you wouldn’t expect… perhaps the most marine of all.”

What’s your favourite underwater wine?