Sea Passion N9

“Tintorera” Grenache and Syrah


  • Ideal storage temperature: 12º (53,6ºF)
  • Recommended serving temperature: 14º (57,2ºF)


  • Dr. Antonio T. Palacios,  Winemaker Manager of Bodega Crusoe Treasure


  • Visual: ruby red.
  • Aroma: very matura Grenache “tintorera” aromas dominance. Grapefruit, fig cake, currant and blackberries, mixed with balsamic notes and smoke from aging.
  • Flavor: sweet entry, the balance between acidity and Tannicity accentuates its persistence, the strength of the Grenache “Tintorera” is patent and its roasted end make a long wine, the final feeling is a complex fruit memory forest red mixed with hints of vanilla, coffee and tobacco.

Sea Passion N9


Compare our underwater wine with the same wine aged on land. Pack with two bottles of Sea Passion N9, one treasured under the sea and the other aged in the cellar for 9 months. Limited edition of 500 packs.

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 15 × 13.5 cm

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