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Crusoe Treasure, Silver Medal in Bordeaux

Crusoe Treasure, Silver Medal in Bordeaux

Crusoe Treasure, Silver Medal in Bordeaux https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/classic_medaille2-710x474.jpg 710 474 Crusoe Treasure Crusoe Treasure https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/a92b316a884d4396bd179329ef230451

Crusoe Treasure Classic 2010, the first underwater wine made by Crusoe Treasure Winery, was awarded a Silver Medal at Challenge International du Vin 2016, one of the most prestigious wine competitions in the world, the largest in France and the oldest on the international scene with 40 editions behind it.

A recognition that meant a lot to us, since it was the first time that our Crusoe Treasure Winery, the first submarine winery in the world and a pioneer in its innovative winemaking process under the sea, entered a contest of this kind. At Bodega Crusoe Treasure we were already convinced that this project of innovation in the marine environment not only owed its great value to its innovative character, its commitment to the oceans or its captivating history, but also that its wines are true oenological treasures, where the quality of the result stands out above all.

This international recognition was endorsed after a blind tasting of over 5,000 different wines from 38 countries, with the aim of selecting and promoting the best wines in the world.

The jury is composed of nearly 800 people, including professional tasters and great wine lovers, with the intention of providing results in accordance with the consumer’s preferences. In addition, the medalist wines were analyzed by an independent laboratory that accredited the compliance of the wines and their quality.

Crusoe Treasure Classic 2010, sold out since 2016, was made with the typical Rioja varietals tempranillo, graciano and mazuelo, it stood out for being a very balanced wine with great fruit aroma. An exclusive premium wine designed by oenologist Antonio Palacios, who always says that nothing is left to chance in the process of creating these oenological treasures:

It is a process in its own right, where biodynamics is the reference point, as the sea tides are its main ally, starting with the selection of the best grapes, going through the barrel and ending with its marine treasure at the mercy of the currents of the Bay of Biscay in our pioneering facilities that act as an artificial reef.

A project in which we all win: entrepreneurship, employment, protection of the seas, innovation and, above all, the spearhead and vanguard in the winemaking treasures of the highest quality.