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lover wine


At Crusoe Treasure Underwater Winery, we are, above all, sea and wine lovers. We carry out our work thinking about the care that the planet in which we live needs.

On land

In the vineyard we work to achieve organic farming, pampering the vines and their fruits to obtain the best quality grapes in the most natural way possible.

Underwater winery-reef

Under the sea our winery was designed to become a natural reef. More than 10 years after its installation, we have a complex, healthy and stable ecosystem where typical species of the area live.

Respect for the environment

in our DNA

  • From our origins we seek to transmit our instinct of protection towards the sea. For this reason, our logo includes a representation of the scales of the fish inside.
  • Our underwater winery is a natural reef and it’s the home of hundreds of typical species of the area which birth, grow, feed and reproduce there.
  • Our winery-reef has 0% energy consumption, nourished by marine biodynamics.
  • The energy of the waves, the tides and the currents act naturally on our wines.

Our team monitor the reef created by Crusoe Treasure. Photographs, videos and reports help us to evaluate its evolution and the positive impact on the marine ecosystem.

As sea lovers our mission is to protect and take care of the sea. Also, to generate knowledge about it in order to make us aware of its importance and relevance for life on our planet, which will lead us to respect and protect it.

Each of our “treasures” bring the sea closer where a bottle is opened. On the packaging you can see the watercolour drawings of the species that live in the reef. More than 150 species collected in a marine life report that represents the recovery of the seabed.

We respect

the ecosystem

Daily we work to improve our processes improving our processes to be more sustainable, to be beneficial for the natural environment and we are achieving it.