Sea Soul Nº4 – 2 years Special edition



  • Ideal storage temperature: 12º (53.6ºF)
  • Serving temperature: 14º (57.2ºF)


  • Dr. Antonio T. Palacios, Oenology Director Crusoe Treasure.


  • Visual phase: burgundy red.
  • Aromatic phase: very fresh; maintains the positive reductive character of the variety. Quite floral (notes of rose) and, at the same time, expresses aromas of fresh fruit. Its toasted and roasted aromas also stand out, even with hints of dried fruits. Above all, the high expression on the nose stands out with hints of licorice and jelly beans.
  • Gustatory phase: extreme elegance in the mouth; with a lot of body but, at the same time, demonstrating freshness. Liquor touch with sensations of high acidity, very well integrated, and very pleasant light bitter finish. The finish of this wine in retronasal is long, lingers and leaves no one indifferent.
Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 15 × 13.5 cm

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