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Are our underwater wines vegan?

Are our underwater wines vegan?

Are our underwater wines vegan? https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Vendimia-sat-4- 905 384 Adrián Pascual Adrián Pascual https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/3adc32a587798b372e1c975f6379f629

Although it may seem a paradox, it is not the first time that someone asks us if our wines are vegan, that is, if they are suitable for people who follow a vegan diet.

As you know, the vegan diet excludes any kind of meat or animal traces (milk, eggs, honey, cheese and butter). Normally, it is a lifestyle or philosophy of life that goes beyond food, so it also avoids the use of objects and garments of animal origin.

Winemaking: clarification process

Some of you may wonder how a wine, a product that comes from grapes, i.e. of vegetable origin, can not be vegan. The fact is that not all wines are vegan.

During the winemaking process, after fermentation, the wines are cloudy, they have in suspension different natural materials that over time will be deposited in their majority. To eliminate this “turbidity“, the wine is clarified by removing the remaining impurities from the grapes or yeasts before bottling.



Clarification can be carried out in many ways and is often done with products of animal origin. For example, egg white (or albumin powder) is often used in red and rosé wines and casein is often used in white wines derived from milk.

Apart from these products (albumins), products of marine origin (alginates) and proteins of vegetable origin (pea and potato), of mineral origin (bentonite, which is often used in white wines) or of a chemical nature (silicic anhydride, PVP and PVPP) can also be used.

Vegan wine

A wine suitable for consumption by a vegan person, it must not be made with clarification agents of animal origin or omit this process.

In our case, we are not labelled as vegan wines, but during our winemaking process we do not use animal-derived fining agents.

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