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Interview with Antonio Palacios, our Enologist Manager

Interview with Antonio Palacios, our Enologist Manager

Interview with Antonio Palacios, our Enologist Manager 2560 1440 Crusoe Treasure

During an expedition on the Crusoe Treasure boat, we chatted with our Oenology Director, Antonio Palacios, about the influence of the sea on the wines, the wine collection and the surprising Duet Packs.

You can red more about our enologist manager at: Antonio Palacios, with reason and heart

[Video transcription:

  • You have to try it to believe it: I was pretty skeptical, it seemed to me that it was a magical project, unique, of a spectacular marketing, that whoever created it should be clapped, Borja, and certainly so, I had to try it, I had to taste it, I had to feel it for myself so I could see the difference that the sea made. From that moment on, I am delighted to be in the project and I am very grateful to be able to do so, because this is fascinating.
  • The underwater wine is another story: It is completely different and it is true to say that it is. We are also pioneers. We are the ones most familiar with the treasuring of wine, with the aging of wine under the sea, and indeed this type of vinification, of aging, makes wine to be something else. I think that is the definition and the message. The wine is different. We manage to make wines that are really round, soft, gentle and very agile in terms of their aroma and taste, therefore the secret is different.
  • How does the sea influence? In the aging of the wine we propose almost the “anti oenology” because what we transmit is all the energy of the sea. Not the stillness, tranquility, darkness and harmony, we skipped that. The pirate world, the sea world, transmits all that energy, the currents, the waves, the tides, the effect of the moon. All of this undoubtedly has so much strength that it is transmitted inside the bottle and later on we obtain this very tamed wines. The wild sea manages to create a very tamed product, very still, very soft and extremely rich to the mouth.
  • The underwater wine collection: The project was born with a vocation for research and this used to be a laboratory. Today, since such energy was seen in the production of wines, there are ten different references. There is the sea soul, the sea passion and the sea legend which are three levels undoubtedly diversified by the time of the underwater treasuring. We can taste from whites wines, like white Grenache, Albariño, in reds we have Grenache, Red Grenache, fine ink. We also have mazuelo, tempranillo… we have many emotions in up to ten different bottles. I think you can travel through the wine universe in a quite entertaining way.
  • Duet packs to compare the underwater wine with the same wine aged on land: Effectively the project has got so much from the visual point of view that people can say: “hey this is a wonderful story but what about the wine?” Well, that is precisely it, you want to feel it, you want to taste it, you want to feel it for yourself, well then you can compare them. Two brothers, one on land and one on the sea, after tasting the wines, you will see how the sea really makes them different and even makes the underwater one better.]