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How do I find the right gift for someone?

How do I find the right gift for someone?

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When it comes the moment to find a gift for a doctor, lawyer, co-worker, or a wedding gift, it’s important to get it right and show our appreciation in the appropriate way.

Choosing the perfect gift

It may seem complicated to choose, but there are options that will undoubtedly surprise and convey the message of gratitude we want to express. A safe option with a touch of exclusivity is to give a bottle of wine, but not to gift any wine.

Wine has always been a classic and sophisticated gift, but this time we want to go further and offer something truly unique. For this reason, we recommend you to select Crusoe Treasure underwater wines, a limited edition wine that is aged under the sea, surrounded by an incredible history and the marine life that lives alongside these wines. This unique production process gives the wine exceptional characteristics and flavors (silkiness, very balanced acidity, surprising evolution in the glass, complex and different nuances…) that make it something special.

Crusoe Treasure underwater wine

This wine is a gift that will not only surprise, but also demonstrates exceptional care in its production process. In addition, the bottle is accompanied by an explanatory booklet that details the entire underwater treasuring process, the history behind this technique, and a spectacularly designed case. Thus, you will not only give a bottle of wine, but a full-fledged experience, a unique story.

Crusoe Treasure underwater wine is an elegant and surprising option that the person we want to thank will surely love. In addition to its exclusivity and care in its production, the fact that this wine helps marine life is also something to take into account. With this gift we are helping to maintain the artificial reef created with the winery. Environmental conservation is an increasingly important issue, and giving a wine that contributes to the regeneration of marine life is a plus.

All Crusoe Treasure wines are surprising. As you will see, we have different packs, with one or more bottles, of different types of grapes, and different designs of the case, and always accompanied by an informative booklet about the process and history.

Which one do you choose?