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This wine is a sweet tooth

This wine is a sweet tooth

This wine is a sweet tooth https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/MG_3166-9.jpg 1200 800 Anna Riera Anna Riera https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/6662a76326b4ef3e96d5ce67cae0b037

The Sea Soul N3 is our “most marine” wine. Discover why.

With youthful and pleasant character

Sea Soul N3 is our red wine with less barrel. It is a very different wine, some experts say that it is our most marine wine, our most underwater wine. Its brother is Sea Passion N2, but the difference is that it is much fruitier. It is candy, it is ambrosia according to our consumers and our master oenologist Dr. Antonio T. Palacios.

It is a wine that is easy to drink for everyone, even those of us doesn’t like red wines. Its fruity character makes it a very good selection for any lunch or dinner and as a gift.


“It has such a fruity load that it becomes a wine with a very youthful character, pleasant with a great energy” Antonio T. Palacios, Enologist

With what to pair it?

It pairs very well with fish, with white fish and also with fish with a more compact texture such as monkfish and with shellfish such as lobster because it is very fruity and very fresh. At the same time, it goes very well with meats. This feature makes it a good choice to accompany you throughout a meal.

“I love our Sea Soul Nº3, which at first was the ugly duckling of our wines, but time went by, and after we pulled it out of the sea it was amazing, and they started calling us from Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland… surprised by how it had evolved. Now, it’s a great wine, something very different, surprising, that you wouldn’t expect… perhaps the most marine of all.” Borja Saracho, Founder

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