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New wine waiting for you, Sea Soul Nº7

New wine waiting for you, Sea Soul Nº7

New wine waiting for you, Sea Soul Nº7 https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Duet-SeaSoul7_M.png 800 800 Ivan Murga Ivan Murga https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/eae4338400fd8ee8281a11050cb9a9ba

Our Sea Soul Nº7 is a white Grenache from vineyards in the Terra Alta area (Catalonia). A wine that is made with an aging of 4 months on lees and 6 months of undersea treasuring.Every bottle comes with a specially designed gift box and booklet. A well known japanese artist has represented the marine species of the underwater cellar through watercolor paintings.


An expressive wine, with different pairings

SRegarding its characteristics, it’s a wine with a  brilliant color, straw yellow with green hues. The aroma is elegant and earthy. Mineral hues of cobblestone, volcanic rock and granite. Fresh fruit of pineapple, peach and plum. In glass the appearance of honey, sweet ripe melon and pear aromas. Once in the mouth  the wine is Intense, bold and full body, glycerin and silky, with a well-balanced acidity. Retronasal with fresh, citric and menthol, finishing in peach and plum.

Sea Soul 7


Due to its unique Mediterranean (vineyards) and Cantabrian sea (under the ocean) character and its tropical fruity flavour, our Sea Soul Nº7 gives the possibility of making different pairings. It combines very well with fresh cheese, powerful seafood, oysters, lobster, marinated salmon, monkfish, sea bass, cod al pil pil and roasted white meat.



In the words of our enologist  Antonio T. Palacios,Sea Soul Nº7 is a wine that draws attention because I believe that few varieties achieve a mouth that fully adapts to the palate and that fills and has that explosive aftertaste sensation at the level of exotic fruit. , tropical fruit, so it is a white wine with a unique character ”.

A unique experience that will not let you forget the taste of an underwater wine in your mouth.