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What happens after storing a Crusoe Treasure wine for 10 years?

What happens after storing a Crusoe Treasure wine for 10 years?

What happens after storing a Crusoe Treasure wine for 10 years? https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/WhatsApp-Image-2021-06-29-at-22.56.43-1.jpeg 1200 1600 Ivan Murga Ivan Murga https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/eae4338400fd8ee8281a11050cb9a9ba

Preserving the wine correctly is the key to enjoying it much longer. Wine has a life cycle, it is born, grows, reaches its fullness and dies. The secret is to give it time and taste it at its optimum moment, which is obviously not the same for every wine.


The “life” of our wines

Passion 2011

The query about the “life” that our wines have once extracted from the sea is quite frequent: a few days ago, a message on this line came to us again from Mexico, in this case from Diego Alemán, a professional in the sector of Duty-Free. His relationship with Crusoe Treasure emerged more than 10 years ago at the Miami Duty-Free fair, Diego bought two bottles of Crusoe Treasure Passion 2011, the second wine we have made since we began this adventure. Instead of tasting the wine after the purchase, he decided to keep it for 10 years, until a few days ago, when he decided that it was time to open the bottle.

Tasting of Passion 2011

Diego prepared a wine tasting at home for this special moment, with two good friends and an influential sommelier, so that everyone could taste the wine. It was proposed to pair the wine with meatloaf with pumpkin flower, carrot, parsley and spices. He let the wine decant for 45 minutes. Once the wait was over, it was time to taste it, Diego was relaying the tasting to us and the opinion of his friend and Sommelier, Bibiana Parra, “At first you can see the ageing in colour, a good oceanic layer that gives it a lot of colours. , quite a perfect insight. The smell is like a hibiscus sweet with the mixture of nuts, and addition of balsamic, spices ”. After tasting the wine “spices a lot of species … wow! round is even in the mouth, the flavour does not go to a specific point in the mouth. Wonderful, congratulations! ”.

This tasting of wine so unique that it has been waiting for 10 years to be tasted once extracted from the sea, which occurred on the other side of the ocean, is a clear example of the long life that our underwater treasuring process endows our wines with. Our wines evolve in a different way, reaching the maximum evolutionary expression, and despite the years of ageing, they remain in a constant evolution on a path in our winery under the sea.

Now, we don’t have more units of this reference, but we have available its descendant,  Sea Passion N2.

The words of Antonio.T.Palacios are reaffirmed

Our winemaker, Antonio. T. Palacios, already assured that red wines can reach 10 years once extracted from the sea without problems and white wines between 5 and 7 years. Beyond that time, it will depend on each wine and how you have kept that bottle at home.

For the entire Crusoe Treasure team, it has been a pleasure to see how our wine, after 10 years out of the sea, not only has not worsened but continues to evolve for the better, achieving its maximum maturation expression.

Do you want to taste its successor?