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New wine waiting for you, Sea Passion Nº6

New wine waiting for you, Sea Passion Nº6

New wine waiting for you, Sea Passion Nº6 https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/DSC04878.jpg 2560 1710 Alexander Larraondo Alexander Larraondo https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/2a93639b1fc2e89108cf58ee7a886a2e

July has arrived, and like every month, we have a wine to recommend you. Learn more about our Sea Passion Nº6, our most special red.

Sea Passion Nº6

Based on the knowledge of our team of oenologists led by Antonio T. Palacios, Sea Passion are coupage wines with a greater oenological process. This wine is one of our most precious treasures and is made with early maturing grapes from vineyards located in the north of Spain, typical of the area, together with another of greater phenolic maturity recently recovered from popular oblivion.

It is the wine that has been with us the longest, a descendant of the Crusoe Treasure Classic, that is the reason why at Crusoe Treasure we consider it the flagship wine of the winery. In wine tourism visits it has been one of the most valued, defining it as a carousel of sensations, soft at first and with more intense time.

An elegant wine, with different pairings

Regarding its characteristics, visually it has an intense cherry red color. The aromas have a touch of wild fruit, spicy and cumin, on the nose it is deep and penetrating. On the palate it is a very structured wine, with perfectly matured tannins and a pleasant bitter finish. In retronasal it reminds of roasted apple pie, raspberry, vanilla and coconut.

Due to its fruity and elegant character, our Sea Passion Nº6 gives the possibility of different pairings. It goes very well with salmon or fish without sauce, foie with raspberry and pastries with powerful fruit. It would be an ideal choice for a meal from start to finish, alternating fish, meat and dessert with some fruit.

If you want to make a more complex pairing, here is the recipe from chef Daniel Negreira “A not so classic tiramisu”.

Personalized virtual tasting included

The purchase of this wine includes a personalized virtual tasting, which consists of a wine tasting, an explanation of the project and of our innovative underwater oenology process told live (with a video call) by the founder of the winery through images and videos.

Take advantage and buy a Sea Passion Nº6 at a better price, only this month. Are you going to miss it?