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Why give crusoe treasure as a gift?

Why give crusoe treasure as a gift?

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A gift that surprises

Wine is part of our tradition and our culture, perhaps the most distinctive element of the Mediterranean diet. It has accompanied us for thousands of years at different meals and celebrations. It is a symbol of socialization, refinement and taste.

Wine is therefore a gift with which you will be successful on the majority of occasions. A product suitable for any age (always above the legal age) and gender, for family, friends, colleagues and clients. A gift that surprises, as well as being very versatile due to the wide range of varieties and prices that can be found on the market

But if you want to give away something unique and truly special, a product with a great history behind it, that perfectly combines innovation with tradition, you cannot fail to gift our Crusoe Treasure underwater wines.

“A very original product, ideal to give away or give yourself. The presentation and packaging are perfect. Now all that remains is to find the ideal occasion to taste it.”.

          David B. 

Underwater wine is another thing

If you want to give a gift that leaves a mark, a gift that says “this wine is perfect for you”, we highly suggest you our wines. Because the underwater wine is another thing. It is such a special wine that the experience of it starts as you open the packaging, continues with the tasting of the wine and ends with the empty bottle being reused or kept as a memory. Our customers always describe it as a memorable gift.

“We gave it to our father-in-law for Christmas, who is very cute and apparently hallucinated. He hasn’t opened it yet, he’s waiting for the occasion. It comes great wrapped. It’s beautiful.”


Our underwater wines, besides being of great quality, elegant and full of nuances, are also responsible with the environment. We are a company strongly committed to the conservation of the natural environment that surrounds us, to the point of creating in our underwater winery a natural reef that acts as a micro marine protected area that shelters local species.



To this end, if we bring together some dreamy vineyards, with all the influence that the sea brings to our wines, and the affection of those who work and adore our wines, this results in a collection of exceptional and unique wines, true treasures to enjoy and create moments with.

So, what’s your next gift going to be?