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How to pair a Sea Soul Nº4?

How to pair a Sea Soul Nº4?

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It’s one of the frequent questions that you ask us.

As a result of a virtual wine tasting carried out recently, we have recovered one of the frequent questions that you ask us: how to pair our wines with.

Sea Soul Nº4


Today we will continue talking about Sea Soul Nº4, a 100% Syrah, from Ayerbe (Hoya de Huesca), aged for 14 months in French barrels and treasured under the sea for 15 months.


During the aperitif

If you want to drink a glass of wine during the aperitif or with a small snack, here you have two very simple options that are suitable for vegans: with a toast with black olives tapenade with pepper or with some natural fried potatoes enhanced with dehydrated black olives baked and pepper.

With artichokes

seasoul4 alcachofaA few days ago, during one of our virtual wine tastings, specifically one with Giovanni Palumbo, he told us that he had paired our Sea Soul Nº4 with artichokes. We were surprised by his response since it’s one of the recommendations that we give as a pairing and it’s not very common.

The artichoke is a very difficult food to pair, since it covers the taste of the wine and makes everything sweeter. That doesn’t mean that it cannot be paired with any wine, but you have to know how to choose well with which wine you will pair them. In this case, our submarine Syrah is an excellent option.

Giovanni commented that: “the aroma and the contrast of flavours between the artichokes from Sicily, sent from there, and this very fresh and pleasant wine are surprising. The floral and toasted notes at the same time pair very well with the artichokes: giving a very pleasant and strong sensation. The bitter and almost salty aftertaste, reminiscent of a marine environment, is a very unique characteristic of this wine”.

An easy idea to prepare: you can cook the artichokes grilled or baked and enhance their flavor with a little salt and extra virgin olive oil.

With meat or fish

Syrah pairs very well with grilled meat, but you can also pair it with full-bodied fish such as turbot or monkfish made in salt or baked.

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You already have pairing ideas, now only the wine is missing.

Surprise with an underwater wine.