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Is it necessary to decant underwater wine?

Is it necessary to decant underwater wine?

Is it necessary to decant underwater wine? https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Montaje3-1.gif 900 656 Patricia Moreno Patricia Moreno https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/d930572ad93721d821dba79bf0b5ddd8

A carousel of sensations.

Many times, the participants in the wine tasting sessions that we organize, tell us that the fullness of the change of an underwater wine is more remarkable after a few minutes have passed. Our oenologist Antonio T. Palacios says that the wines are ready to be enjoyed as soon as you uncork the bottle, so why do you notice a greater change a few minutes after opening the bottle?

Antonio has explained the reason for this masterful and attractive change, as he defines our underwater wines as a carousel of sensations. It is a wine that develops really well in the glass, the characteristics of the wine change from the first moment you open the bottle till a few minutes later. Its advantage is that it already arrives at the table with the work done, it is a wine that does not need to be breathed, it comes with the homework done. It is an experience that is very worthwhile, as it allows you to discover different nuances as you taste it.

A good way to enjoy 100% of an underwater wine is to taste the same wine from time to time, for example, every 5 minutes. This way, all the nuances that the wine adopts can be appreciated as the time passes from the moment it is opened. Therefore, we can enjoy the roller coaster in the form of aromatic sensations typical of underwater wines.

Would you like to taste one of them?


Well, the truth is that underwater wine aged under the sea has a very great advantage, and this is that, thanks to the transpiration that underwater treasure has, these are wines that practically come out of kilometre zero and are ready to go through a huge acceleration.

So in glass the behaviour is very good, because it does not need to wake up, it does not need to get out of the anaesthesia because it is not, it is super awake and therefore the evolution is an aromatic carousel which quickly makes you realise that from the very first moment the fruit, the varietal character, the ageing character, the ripening character come out only to begin to evolve and really awaken all the treasures within.]