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How to open a bottle of Crusoe Treasure underwater wine

How to open a bottle of Crusoe Treasure underwater wine

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Enjoy 100% the experience.

We want you to fully enjoy the quality of underwater wines, so we have written this post in to explain step by step how to open the bottles correctly. There are three very simple steps detailed in each of the little books that contain the cases of the three collections.

  1. Cover the top of the bottle with a handkerchief or napkin to avoid the sealing wax from being dispersed when it breaks. Use a corkscrew or a blunt metal utensil, such as a spoon, to hit the sealing wax that protects the mouth of the bottle.

  2. Clean the remains of the sealing wax and remove the cork from the bottle. Next, it is important to smell the cork and check if the bottom is stained or shiny. These crystallizations are due to the continuous changes of temperature to which the bottles are exposed, but it does not mean that it is bad. The temperature under the sea changes continuously, although it is very small changes that make it crystallize in the bottle.

  1. Once the cork has been removed, clean the mouth of the bottle again with a napkin before serving the wine.

Here you can find more tips to enjoy even better the experience.

After following these steps, we would be ready to enjoy a delicious underwater wine. Don’t miss our next post in which we will explain step by step how to do a wine tasting.

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