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I want my own wine collection, ¿I am getting older?

I want my own wine collection, ¿I am getting older?

I want my own wine collection, ¿I am getting older? https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Cata-Comparada.jpg 800 600 Alexander Larraondo Alexander Larraondo https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/2a93639b1fc2e89108cf58ee7a886a2e

If you want to start to do things that a few years ago you would not consider, you are getting older, but don´t worry, you can continue to enjoy a lot, not long ago I realized . Over the years we enjoy other kind of things.

One of them may be to start creating your own winery or small collection of wines and discover each wine with your family, with your friends, and learn with them.

Create you own wine collection

Create your own wine collection, your own winery can be rewarding and even a very good investment. There are many wineries around the world, wines of all kinds, but those unique, unknown wines, or very limited series… they can also become great oenological and economic jewels in a few years.

In fact, companies that are investment funds in wine have emerged in recent years. You invest an amount of money that is invested in very special wines that fund itself buys on your behalf … and can give you great returns.

Although that option exists … why not start looking for little gems, very special wines from small wineries, which have a clear differentiation due to how they are made or how they have been created?

Wine as an investmen

Wine, especially red, lasts many many years, your investment will not be easily lost and tomorrow if you wish, you will be able to enjoy a great wine, a treasure that you have cared for for a long time, or turn it into a product of high profitability, since it is very likely that its value has rised Fiscally, in addition, in some countries they have interesting advantages.

A few years ago, an American billionaire was visiting us in our warehouse, he owned his own investment firm on Wall Street. After buying a significant volume of our wines, I told him in not so good English, – “Thank you very much for trusting us, I am very excited that you trust us …”

He replied, “my friend Borja, your wines are good, they are very unique and different, thank you for the chance to buy them, I know they are a good investment. If you succeed, they will be worth more, and if the winery closes its value will still be higher, my investment is insured “…

Each bottle is very different

From that conversation, few years after, I have learned a more about the world of wine, a huge and exciting world. I have started to create my own wine collection. Many of them given as gifts, from other winemakers who come to visit us, other gifts from friends and many others bought with enthusiasm.

White, red, rosés and sparkling wines. Every one is a world. Once you have a place to start saving them, you don’t need to have many, enjoy, find out and collect them. And when you consider it appropriate, share them with your people, in my view, it is the best way to savor them. In addition to explaining each of them with enthusiasm and all the information that usually doesn´t give us time to know every time we open a bottle of wine without paying it the attention that it deserves.

Sometimes, with friends and family, we open a very special wine that was given to us in Croatia, or an extraordinary white wine from the Rhone … we place it on the map, we present it, we explain it, we taste it … and today with the Internet you see even the vineyards … do you dare?

If you also want to obtain profitability, or know that you have a very special treasure, start collecting wines, you will enjoy learning about the history of each one of them, each winery, each terroir and winemaker behind it.


My advice

If you admit me, I advise you not to stop having some of the wines from our Crusoe Treasure Winery, they have everything to be very special in a few years … in addition to their wonderful history and their exceptional quality, they are finished sooner every time … and some take a long time to be re-made… certainly a good start to a good wine collection.

Together with your collection, you will start to have good wine books, corkscrews … you will enter an exciting world, I recommend it and it is not that we are getting older, only that we are enjoying more and more things.