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This underwater wine combines perfectly youth and maturity

This underwater wine combines perfectly youth and maturity

This underwater wine combines perfectly youth and maturity https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/NKO_0127-Net.jpg 1068 1600 Crusoe Treasure Crusoe Treasure https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/a92b316a884d4396bd179329ef230451

Today, we introduce you our Sea Passion N9 (first edition), an underwater red wine made with Garnacha Tintorera and Syrah.

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Sea Passion N9

This is one of the jewels in our current collection. In words of our winemaker, Antonio T. Palacios: “One of  the things that I highlight  about it is that this wine is close to perfection .

Youth and maturity

How do you get youth and maturity in the same wine? Underwater treasuring favors the appearance of characteristics that cannot be found in conventional wines. In this case, youth and maturity are achieved in two ways: by underwater treasuring, but also by the varieties used in its production: Garnacha Tintorera and Syrah.

Wine making

Antonio T. Palacios explains how it was designed this wine and what he wanted to achieve: “We wanted to make a wine with a Mediterranean profile, a warm climate, where we combined two very classic and quite powerful varietals: the Garnacha tintorera (75%), made with a system of Carbonic maceration with a young, super fruity style, with a daring tannin from a tactile point of view, with freshness, good acidity and then the seriousness and maturity of the Syrah, made for long extractions, powerful macerations, a good concentration and above all barrel aging.

Thus, youth and maturity are paired with two different varieties, in a Mediterranean setting, looking for the fruit with the Garnacha and seeking concentration in the mouth with the very ripe, fine and elegant tannin with the Syrah variety, matured in French oak barrels. “

Wine pairing

This wine is quite intense from the olfactory point of view, with a lot of youth, but concentrated, with very sweet tannin, unctuous in the mouth, it pairs perfectly with all kinds of meats, well-ripened cheeses and nuts due to their meatiness and fat.

It really is one of the most educated and surprising wines, due to the youth and maturity that it expresses at the same time.


Compared wine tasting

Sea Passion N9 can be enjoyed in two different formats: individual pack and duet pack (it allows us to compare and enjoy the differences that the sea brings to wine. Same bottle and same wine, but raised separately in completely opposite environments).



Do you dare to taste it and share your impressions with us?