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The soul of a Japanese artist in our packaging

The soul of a Japanese artist in our packaging

The soul of a Japanese artist in our packaging https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/yuse1.jpg 627 627 Crusoe Treasure Crusoe Treasure https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/a92b316a884d4396bd179329ef230451

(Video transcription at the end of the article).


Yusei Nagashima was fascinated by a fish in his childhood: the way the fish moved, the gleam in its eyes and its flakes, how under the incandescent light of the fish shop they all looked like a starry night. That is why now the passion of this Japanese artist is to draw fishes and we have been lucky enough to have him do it in our packaging.


Yusei Nagashima en Bodega Crusoe TreasureOr was that not luck…?

As you can hear in the video, when Yusei met the General Manager of the Crusoe Treasure Winery, Borja Saracho, he was hooked on his way of thinking. Besides worrying about the quality of the underwater wines, Borja loves intensely the sea and its environment, like Yusei, and he looks for people who would approach the Crusoe Treasure project with the same respect.


Yusei Nagashima en Bodega Crusoe Treasure

That is why Borja invited Yusei to get to know the winery in the deepest way: by diving. Excited by the proposal, Yusei accepted, learned to dive, fulfilled his promise and immersed himself along with Borja in the universe of our artificial reef. Beyond the words on the seabed, this communication has strengthened the friendship between both of them and their collaboration in the project.

With his art, Yusei has captured the species of our artificial reef in the three collections of the underwater wines: in the Sea Soul, we can find the most common species in the food chain, in the Sea Passion, the intermediate species,and in the exclusive one, in the “treasure”, our Sea Legend, the most unusual species, such as conger eels, dolphins, scorpion fish, mako fish or the San Pedro fish.

During his visit, Yusei left us a gift. Our visitors know what we’re talking about: he painted our logo with a big octopus for our boat. A gift, which we enjoy every day when we go out to sea.

This is one of the ways in which Crusoe Treasure helps the sea, making known some of the most typical species of the Cantabrian Sea that live in our reef.

Now that you know the history of our packaging, you can enjoy the Crusoe Treasure experience in an even more intense way. Do you dare to try it?

Video transcription:

I’m a marine life watercolorist. Since I was a child I liked fish very much, I loved to draw and paint them and now my passion is to translate to paper the shape of the fishes I can see and touch, through painting.

A year and a half after making the first illustrations for Crusoe Treasure Winery, Borja contacted me to meet me since he was on a business trip in Japan.  I met Borja in Tokyo and I liked his character, his personality.

I was impressed because besides explaining me about the winery and the grape varieties, Borja told me that the most important thing for him is the whole process of the marine environment, and how he would like to be accompanied in this project by people who live the sea with the same respect and love as he does.