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Have you ever organized a blind wine tasting?

Have you ever organized a blind wine tasting?

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Today we propose a fun way to enjoy Crusoe Treasure underwater wines: organize a blind tasting with one of our duet packs.


A comparative wine tasting

With our duet pack you can compare two different types of aging of the same wine. You will taste a wine treasured at the bottom of the sea and the same wine aged on land. This way you will discover the difference for yourself. It is an eye-opening, educational experience that can be a lot of fun.

You can choose one of our white or red wines to do so. Choose the one you like the most.


How to prepare the perfect wine tasting

First think about who is going to accompany you on this experience and choose the best moment of the day, before lunch or before dinner.

You have 2 blind tasting options:

  • Covering the bottles: If you choose this option, cover each bottle with a rag or cloth that you have at home. Label each bottle with a number, hiding the identity of each wine. You can also prepare some tasting notes to help guests identify the characteristics of each wine (find the underwater wine tasting note on our website).
  • Or covering the eyes of the participants with a handkerchief or mask: If you choose this way of organizing your tasting, there must be a master of ceremonies who serves the wine and guides those who participate in it.

Once you choose the type of tasting, follow these recommendations:

  • Create a suitable environment for tasting, with a cool temperature and adequate light. You can put sea music in the background to create a more special atmosphere.
  • Each participant must taste each wine and write their impressions and feelings about the taste, aroma and texture (if their eyes are not covered) or express their opinions aloud to compare as they go. You decide how you want to do it.
  • At the end of the tasting, reveal the identity of each wine and compare the opinions of your guests with reality. Knowing what each wine is, do the tasting again to see if you notice any more differences.
  • Prepare some appetizers, lunch or dinner to accompany the wines and complete the tasting experience. Here we give you some pairing ideas for ods of our wines:

Duet ss7If you choose the Sea Soul Nº7 white wine duet pack: it combines very well with fresh cheese, powerful seafood, oysters, lobster, marinated salmon, monkfish, sea bass, pil pil cod and roasted white meat.


If you choose the Sea Soul Nº8 red wine duet pack: this wine goes very well with braised, grilled or roasted beef. Also with strong flavored vegetables, such as grilled asparagus. And also for spicy dishes with chilli, or very spicy. If you prefer sweet, chocolate also pairs well.


  • And, above all, have fun and learn while tasting the wines. There is no need to be a wine expert to enjoy a blind tasting. Also, remember that our wines include the option of a virtual tasting, request it and thus complete the evening.


In summary, a blind tasting of two different types of aging of the same wine can be a unique and revealing experience to learn about how aging affects the flavor and texture of the wine. Make sure you plan ahead and enjoy the moment.

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