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The second edition of our Sea Soul Nº8 has arrived

The second edition of our Sea Soul Nº8 has arrived

The second edition of our Sea Soul Nº8 has arrived https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/sea-soul-8-sumergido-scaled.jpg 2560 1610 Crusoe Treasure Crusoe Treasure https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/a92b316a884d4396bd179329ef230451

The second edition of our Sea Soul Nº8 red wine has arrived, a wine aged for 8 months in barrels and 6 months of underwater hoarding. Monovarietal wine based on grapes, and in which the sea provides its maximum evolutionary expression, as in the entire Sea Soul collection, marine soul in its purest form.

And we tell it with great pride because we have worked for years, after the success of its first edition, to once again find sufficient grape quality, the one that this excellent wine deserves, and put it back into circulation.

Sea Soul N8 characteristics

A wine that also tells its story. It is a varietal that is grown in the area of ​​Aragon, with purple pulp and that was originally cultivated in France by Henri Bouschet in 1855. From there it spread to various areas such as Alentejo in Portugal, California in the USA and several regions in Spain, where a grape of great quality and with a lot of expression has been achieved.

Tasting note

Regarding the characteristics of the wine, we can observe an intense cherry red color.

The aromas are fruity, reminiscent of cherry pulp, blackberry, strawberry compote and cooked fruit. With a background of wood due to notes of vanilla and cinnamon, it achieves a good balance between fruit and wood.

In the mouth, it has a citrus profile marked by good acidity, long and structured with a warm aftertaste with lactic hints of wild fruit yogurt.

Wine pairing ideas

And how to pair it? We have multiple choices. This wine pairs very well with braised, grilled or roasted beef. Also with strong-flavored vegetables, such as grilled asparagus. And also for spicy dishes with chilli, or very spicy.


With desserts it goes well with chocolates or with fruits such as strawberries, plums or oranges.

You can also pair it with Chef Daniel Negreira’s recipe for “not a classic tiramisu”, here you can find the recipe.

There is no excuse to stop trying it and there are many ways to accompany it, serve it and enjoy it.

Enjoy it now