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The story behind the Sea Soul No.4

The story behind the Sea Soul No.4

The story behind the Sea Soul No.4 https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Alex_ascaso-1.jpg 2353 1318 Ane Martín Ane Martín https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/a965295ec9fafad76d1aca3c1b3057b1

One of the most gratifying aspects of our project is that it touches people’s souls. Of our clients, collaborators, partners… and ourselves, of course.

That is why, in addition to living the experience of tasting our underwater wines, they are interested in learning more. And it is very common that they ask us, for example, where we get our grapes from.

Because the magic starts there. As in the case of the Sea Soul Nº 4, 100% Syrah grape, which we obtain from the vineyards of Álex Ascaso. He is passionate about environmental sustainability, respect for tradition and experimentation.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that our master winemaker Antonio Palacios has selected these grapes from Alex’s paradise in Ayerbe, north of the Monegros and at the foot of the Loarre Mountains. These vineyards are influenced by the warm southerly winds and in contrast to the northern cierzo from the mountains. A privileged environment where the grapes can mature expressing their full potential. And where the human hand brings the result to a close:

“The main reason I chose Alex’s vineyards is very simple: it is a project full of illusion and honesty. I don’t know any better formula to get the most privileged grapes for our treasured wines”.Antonio Palacios, Master winemaker at Bodega Crusoe Treasure.

“If there’s one thing that’s beautiful about the vineyard, it’s that it adapts to every climate. A Syrah from the Rhone is not the same as one from Australia or from Ayerbe. Here the Syrah is a blessing because it has a well-curdled bunch, with soft skin and needs the sun for a good maturation. And something wonderful about the wine-world is that it is an as natural as possible product: the yeast is the protagonist of this magical process… you simply take the grape, exploit it and get the must to ferment”. Álex Ascaso, winegrower and cellarman.

The wine that we submerged under the sea is already a marvel. And it is a wine prepared for the journey that awaits it: a protected and dynamic treasure trove of wine by the micro-changing temperatures and the darkness of 20 metres deep. To the rhythm of the open sea and the energy of the moon. A wine that, in Neptune’s domain, will evolve for the better:

“It has other aromas, other flavours… very personal touches, which is what we are looking for. And it is spectacular: more polished than the earthly one, creamier, more rounded, more elegant… aromatically it is impressive. Can it be lighter and more polished than the earthly one?”.  Álex Ascaso, winegrower and cellarman.

Yes, we answer. Many people ask if the alcoholic content of underwater wines decreases under the sea, but in reality, it does not. As Alex knows, the alcohol content is decided on the day of the harvest. What happens is that underwater treasuring refines the wines and makes them softer, sweeter, fleshier and rounder, so it seems that the alcoholic strength has decreased.

Although we could go on and on about our passion, the truth is that the only way to live it is to taste it. From these 100% Syrah grapes from Alex Ascaso’s vineyards, we have right now a Sea Soul No. 4 of the 2014 harvest for sale. If you want to have some ideas about how to pair it click here.

Don’t you think you deserve to try it?