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The three Crusoe Treasure collections

The three Crusoe Treasure collections

The three Crusoe Treasure collections https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/image0-scaled.jpeg 2560 1723 Patricia Moreno Patricia Moreno https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/d930572ad93721d821dba79bf0b5ddd8

All our wines, with their essence and unique flavour, are included in our three collections. Each of these collections has a special nuance.

Sea Soul. Pure marine soul.

Our most extensive collection, the Sea Soul collection, is made up of single-variety wines with a unique soul. The sea provides their maximum evolutionary expression, turning them into great treasures of oenology. In this collection we find three red wines and two white wines.

The red wines include:

  • Sea Soul Nº3, a wine made from early ripening grape variety, which after being made on land, finishes its production process with 6 months of underwater storage.
  • Sea Soul Nº4, is the second edition of a Syrah born in the region of Huesca, aged for 14 months in French oak barrels and 15 months underwater.

  • Sea Soul Nº8, a Grenache aged for 8 months in French oak barrels and a minimum of 6 months of marine treasure. Currently sold out, its next edition is planned for 2022.

The white wines:

  • Sea Soul Nº1 is an Albariño from vineyards located at sea level in the Rías Baixas in the area of the Salnés Valley. There are very few units of this wine.

  • Sea Soul Nº7 is a white Grenache from Batea, in the Terra Alta area (Catalonia). This white has been very well received by our consumers.

Sea Passion. The passion of the enologists swinged by the sea.

All the wines of this collection are coupage wines, mixtures of two or more grapes, either from different types of grapes or from different seasons or vineyards. This collection is made up of three red wines.

  • Sea Passion Nº2, the descendant of our first wine, is an early ripening grape with a touch of wood.

  • Sea Passion Nº6, a very special red wine, is currently in its second edition. It is a wine made from an early maturing varietal typical of the north of Spain together with a more mature phenolic one recently recovered from popular oblivion.

  • Sea Passion Nº9, a Red Grenache blended with Syrah from the area of Albacete, aged for 16 months in French oak barrels and 15 months underwater.

Treasures for the palate created thanks to the deep knowledge of the terroir and the cellar that the sea rounds off.

Sea Legend. Our most special and exclusive enological treasures

Wines of rare varieties and limited production that aspire to become legendary wines. There are only two wines in this exclusive collection:

  • Sea Legend Nº5, second edition, is a white wine, a Viogner from the Valley of Huesca. A wine qualified as “gold” in all senses.

  • Sea Legend Nº10, a grey Grenache, from the desert of Aragon. An almost unknown and hard to find varietal. A wine that not even the oenologists agree on whether it should be classified as red or white.

Which of the three collections do you choose?