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Discover the protagonists of our packaging

Discover the protagonists of our packaging

Discover the protagonists of our packaging https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Base-estuche-Passion-02-ACOPLADO-scaled.jpg 2560 1600 Patricia Moreno Patricia Moreno https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/d930572ad93721d821dba79bf0b5ddd8

The marine species that live with our underwater wines.

There are numerous species living together with our wines in our underwater winery-artificial reef. Some of them are represented in the packaging of each of the Crusoe Treasure collections thanks to the Japanese artist Yusei Nagashima.

Such is the case of the starfish Marthaesterias glaciaris, or spiny starfish. Like most starfish, it is carnivorous, feeding on other starfish, snails and bivalves. Its coloration is very variable, depending on the depth at which it is found, it can be green, gray or brown among other colors. One of its most outstanding characteristics are the three rows of robust spines that run along its arms, besides they have a great capacity of regeneration since from an arm they can regenerate the whole body.

This is one of the species that the artist Yusei Nagashima represented in watercolor painting in the packaging of the Sea Passion collection, you can find it in the red wines Sea Passion Nº2, Sea Passion Nº6 or Sea Passion Nº9.

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In the next post we will talk about the details of some of the species represented in the Sea Legend collection packaging, don’t miss it.