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What you can’t see. How do we prepare your Crusoe Treasure orders?

What you can’t see. How do we prepare your Crusoe Treasure orders?

What you can’t see. How do we prepare your Crusoe Treasure orders? https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/lantegi_preparando_paquetes.jpeg 1200 800 Alejandro Luna Alejandro Luna https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/5550059cc538f0eefad5ed86258b9e69

Today we want to put names and faces to all those people whose vital role makes it possible for our bottles of underwater wine to reach their destination in perfect condition.

The process of making our wines, underwater treasuring, goes through different stages. From the vineyard to the winery and from the winery to our warehouse, where our wines are prepared to be immersed in the sea and where they return after their undersea storage to be ready for delivery.

Our warehouse

After finishing the process of underwater treasuring and being extracted from the bottom of the sea, wines return to our warehouse to rest for a while and later to be packed in their design cases with the utmost care and attention by our staff for their shipment all over the world.

The tasks undertaken in our warehouse are very important, but we rarely talk about them. The organization and commitment with which the team working there takes care of our wines is an extremely important value. That is why we are very proud of all these people who, with different capacities and a smile always on their faces, help us in these stages of production. Phases in which meticulousness and careful treatment of the product is so important.

Tasks that are carried out in our warehouse

In our warehouse we carry out stocking taskssealing the bottlesassembling cages, manually numbering each of our bottles, assembling the packaging and various tasks that arise at different times such as the customisation of orders at the request of our customers to include notes with personal messages for their gifts.

It is thanks to this teamwork spirit that we collectively continue to innovate, improve our processes, and grow day by day so that our wines and products arrive impeccably and without any delay to your home, especially now that Christmas is approaching.

It is a pleasure for us to be able to work as a team all together, learn day by day and share unique moments that make us betterThank you very much to our heroes Salva, Ana, Iker, Fernando and the entire team for your constant and impeccable work that allows us all to enjoy our underwater treasures.