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Discover the essence of the pieces of art that surround our winery

Discover the essence of the pieces of art that surround our winery

Discover the essence of the pieces of art that surround our winery https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/mural-zuloaga.jpg 1140 541 Ainhoa Etxano Ainhoa Etxano https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/64bc1d22aced155a08c208e0f3bd595d

Art Works with soul, passion and legend.

World Art Day

Since 2012, the 15th of April the World Art Day is celebrated. Its purpose is to promote the development and diffusion of the art. For the Crusoe Treasure Winery, art is part of the core values; moreover, it is surrounded by remarkable museums such us the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum and the Itsasmuseum. Because of that, we want to contribute to this day through our selection of art pieces. Three pieces of art with soul, passion and legend, keeping with our wine collections: Sea Soul, Sea Passion y Sea Legend.



View of El Abra de Bilbao from Algorta (1886)

© Bilboko Arte Ederren Museoa-Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao

This painting belongs to Juan de Barroeta (Bilbao, 1835-1906) and is one of the most remarkable creations of the author. Exhibited in the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, it stands for the compositional balance, a landscape with soul that charms the viewer. With a realistic style, the painting combines both nature and the local everyday life of that time.

The view taken from Algorta, as the title suggests, displays the plays where the Nervión river reaches the sea. At the bottom, the silhouette of the Serantes mountain is also visible.

Probably charmed by the landscape, Barroeta bought a house nearby the displayed location. Names as Villa Haes, it reminds the authority of landscape paintings of that time, Carlos de Haes, who visited this coast guided by the Basque artist.


Marthasterias glaciaris (2017)

Charmed by fishes when he was a child, the Japanese artist Yusei Nagashima has been drawing fishes in watercolor since then. His passion for the sea and marine life can be appreciated in all his artworks. His paintings are characterized by being colorful and the precision of details. The artist, who has dived in our winery-artificial reef, is the author of the design of the Crusoe Treasure wine packagings.

This picture represents a Marthasterias glaciaris or starfish and can be found in the packaging of the Sea Passion wines. Its color can vary according to the depth, displaying green, grey or brown colors. In the illustrarion, the robust rows of thorns that run through the arms of this marine specie can be seen.


The “Decorative mural for the lobby of the former residence of Tomás Allende in Bilbao” (1900)


The new acquisition of the Itsasmuseum collection is a mural of legend, a centuries-old artistic work with a peculiar history.

This ceramic work, made for the lobby of the businessman Tomás Allende, originally had eight scenes, of which four have been preserved. The mural is the work of the ceramist Daniel Zuloaga (Madrid, 1852 – Segovia, 1921), who was also the author of the ornamentation of several unique Basque buildings such as the Provincial Council of Guipuzkoa, the old Castino of Donostia, as well as the Velázquez Palace and the Palace of Cristal in Madrid.

The composition realistically shows the landscapes related to the sea and the shipyards, representative of a time marked by mining and industry. These images are ornamented by borders of vegetal motifs and pillars of mermaids, stems and flowers all around.

The conservation of this jewel is attributed to Daniel Errazu, owner of the house during the sixties who decided to preserve the composition before demolishing the building. It was later moved to another house and was finally donated to the Itsasmuseum Bilbao by Goizane Bengoechea and Jon Corell.

Have you ever thought of pairing a work of art with one of our underwater wines?