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10 plans to enjoy in Plentzia and its surroundings

10 plans to enjoy in Plentzia and its surroundings

10 plans to enjoy in Plentzia and its surroundings https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/2018-05-07-PHOTO-00001613.jpg 1508 764 Anna Riera Anna Riera https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/6662a76326b4ef3e96d5ce67cae0b037

With the arrival of the good weather and (almost) the end of the confinement we want to propose you different activities, for all tastes and flavours, to enjoy in the surroundings near Plentzia (Uribe), our home. Because if there is one thing we have realised during these months of rest, it is that it is not necessary to go too far to find real treasures and unique places to enjoy both alone and in company. Because now more than ever we must promote local tourism and support the thousand activities that we can find right here. We are lucky to have such impressive places, so we invite you to know the selection we have made with each of our wines. If you have already tasted them, and have liked them, each experience will do so too.



Our Sea Soul Nº1 is a very Cantabrian wine, an albariño, wide with a lot of acidity and balanced freshness, which makes us think of how exciting, intense and new it was to live the experience of coasteering in the Bay of Plentzia, Gorliz and Barrika with Troka Abentura and its team. An adventure that we recommend you experience if you like the contact with the sea, active tourism and adventure sports in Gorliz.

The coasteering, as they indicate, is the combination of several activities that allows to know and to reach magical places under the cliffs and the beaches of the Basque Coast. With coasteering you will travel along the coast playing with the waves, hiking, jumping into the water, diving and climbing next to the sea. In addition, you can have this experience and share the emotions and experiences as a couple, in bachelor parties, with your family, in a group or in a team.



When the good weather arrives, the heat and the long nights we all feel like enjoying moments with our family and friends. To enjoy the simple things, to remember past moments, to laugh together, to make new plans… to take advantage of the real summer. That is why we propose you to enjoy a barbecue (in the Pinar of Gorliz), with a good grill of meats, together with our Sea Passion Nº2, a fine ink aged in barrel, a submarine red wine, which is very pleasant and combines perfectly with grilled meats, ideal to toast to the summer that is about to arrive, to the moments of fullness and disconnection.



©Ayuntamiento de Plentzia

Check off surfing from your list of things to learn, and dare Uribe Kosta Surf Eskola (in Plentzia Kai-Eder Club) to teach you. Enjoy the different sessions that they offer and throw yourself at last to really enjoy our sea, its bravery and the exuberant experience of catching a couple of waves.

As a reward you can always enjoy after our Sea Soul Nº3, a very nice fine ink, a very marine wine. The perfect opportunity to discuss the lessons with your friends and laugh without looking at the clock, remembering the hours spent on (or under) the surfboard.



For animal lovers we propose a horse ride with the Barrika Equestrian Club, where you can enjoy an incredible ride along the coast of Barrika-Plentzia, as well as Barrika-Sopela.

Once the experience is over, what better than a wine of very earthly origin, our Sea Soul Nº4, a Syrah from the Huesca area, which the sea has tamed with its energy, turning it into a light broth, which lasts and leaves no one indifferent such as this experience among horses, which will certainly be unforgettable.



Sometimes the simplest experiences are the most special. If you prefer to walk around and get lost for hours, we suggest you discover the Gorliz lighthouse, the highest lighthouse in the entire Bay of Biscay. The best time to do this, without doubt, is at sunset. Besides, it has a lot of history behind it. Under its bowels are hidden some bunkers built during the Spanish Civil War. Today, we have the opportunity to discover and walk through the galleries and underground tunnels, but we recommend that you do this adventure in good weather, very carefully and preferably together with someone who knows the territory. Don’t forget the flashlights if you really want to discover all the secrets that this place hides.




And after this walk, these discoveries and moments of intimacy, what better than to rest and replenish your strength, enjoying the views. This is where our Sea Legend Nº5 comes in, one of our most precious jewels, our Viognier, a white wine that is gold..



For those who prefer a quieter walk, flattening out but enjoying an incomparable environment, we propose the coastal area of Sopela and Barrika, observing their cliffs and the wonderful and historical Flysch. The perfect way to spend the afternoon, discovering one of the great beauties we have in Bizkaia, with unique and truly special corners. As is our Sea Passion N.6, our beloved tempranillo maturana, a very pleasant wine that reminds us of the small rays of sunshine on a warm summer night.



©Ayuntamiento de Plentzia

The Sea Soul Nº7, our underwater white grenache, intense, very dense, full-bodied and silky one for after an excursion up the river on board the Cabo Billano canoes. By canoe you can discover the municipality of Plentzia from another perspective, going up the Butrón estuary, a truly special and fairytale place.




In good weather, a fun activity that you can enjoy with whomever you prefer is Stand Up Paddle Yoga by Goazenup. Sup-Yoga is the combination of paddle surfing with a yoga class. Perfect way to exercise in these hot months, without feeling like you’re exercising. According to the association, “with this activity, in addition to the well-known benefits of Yoga, we promote the gain in strength and flexibility necessary to maintain balance and postures on the water of a lake, river or the sea, in addition to a magnificent workout for our core“.

At the end of the day, combine a great healthy dinner and our Sea Soul Nº8, Grenache from the Monte Alto and La Sarda areas, to get your strength back and feel like never before.



©Ayuntamiento de Plentzia

Have you ever stopped to learn more about the history of Plentzia? If you are curious and need to learn something new every day, we suggest you discover more about the history of our beloved Plentzia. Walk around the old town and get lost in its streets until you reach the Plasentia Butrón Museum, the right place to see the different exhibitions and elements of the history of Plentzia and its close relationship with the sea.


The best is to inquire in advance at the Plentzia tourist office where they will inform you about all the places that you cannot miss.

With this unique history, all that remains is to toast with a unique wine, our Sea Passion Nº9, a truly special red Grenache.



And when your well-deserved rest comes, we suggest a visit to our underwater cellar. An informal pleasure with which you can enjoy with the best company and a glass of one of our wines, perhaps our dear and exclusive grey grenache, the Sea Legend Nº10, while you discover our cellar as we chat about what we all like best, a good wine of the highest quality.