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“The first time I tasted your underwater wine I commented: I can drink this one”

“The first time I tasted your underwater wine I commented: I can drink this one”

“The first time I tasted your underwater wine I commented: I can drink this one” https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/cata_zaragoza-2.jpg 2405 1783 Crusoe Treasure Crusoe Treasure https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/a92b316a884d4396bd179329ef230451

Today we want to share with you another story of Crusoe Treasure family, in this occasion Marisol Heras experience.

Who is Marisol?

Marisol Heras and José Antonio Sánchez are renowned lawyers in Zaragoza who have had the opportunity to meet both at work and as visitors in our wine tourism experiences and even as attendees at the I International Underwater Wine Congress, held last December in Bilbao, becoming part of our family.

Marisol, how did you meet us?

Looking back, it has been a few years since we met you. If I remember correctly, we met first in a wine tasting in Zaragoza and second in a legal consultation which you transferred to us some time later.

What caught your attention from the underwater wine?

The wine surprised us a lot. It was disconcerting to hear that the wine in front of us, it was not just another wine, it was a “treasured” wine under the sea. We were full of curiosity to know more about Crusoe Treasure. Luckily, the legal consultation allowed us to know more details and reading, reading, diving through documentation, it was very easy to catch the illusionary spirit that your winery has, when it transports you from your home to the sea. It makes you descend to the bottom of the sea and submerge you in the artificial reef, to the colonized bottles, to the mystery, to exquisite wines, rocked by the sea… Also, if the consultation helped you … it was great.

What did you expect from your visit to Crusoe Treasure’s Winery?

Of course, after that, we had to visit your winery and we decided to go to Plentzia with a group of friends. It was very funny; I remember with nostalgia that among the friends there was a certain concern about where are you taking us? What are we going to do, are we going to drink, are we going to eat? Are we going by boat, what clothes do we wear? Who is this Borja?… The truth is that on that occasion I hadn’t asked you so much about the details of the experience, knowing you, I had full confidence that everything would be perfect. So, I answered my friends vaguely and, I must confess that, in the visits that have followed this one, even though I already knew what we were going to do, I always respond with the same imprecision because I think that being on expectation, maintains that point of concern that enhances the specialness of the experience.

You have visited us several times, in 2018 you came 3 times in two months. Borja was worried, in case you were going to get bored. How was the experience?

Every time we came to visit you, we have spent a wonderful time. We have enjoyed the wines, the gastronomy, the landscape, the boat, the story, the company. Our friends, fans of good wine and good food, among whom there had even been a sommelier and a winemaker, have rated the wines as excellent. My husband is an absolute fan of number 8, he loves it. My personal opinion isn’t the most significant, because I’m not a regular wine drinker, but I still remember that the first time I tasted your one of your underwater wines, I commented: I can drink this one. In addition to being an excellent wine, I’m particularly struck by the marine “packaging” that the sea provides, customizing each bottle. This fact makes it exclusive and perpetuates it because, after drinking the wine, the empty bottle continues to be a very cool original decorative object.

Why did you repeat the experience?

We started going for your wines and we returned because the wines taste so good, because we had spent a great time and because of your human quality, of the team but specially of Borja Saracho. You are a team that overflows passion, joy, generosity, in a contagious way. We have recommended you without hesitation and we have always been right. We have always felt very comfortable and the good taste of the wines make us want to come back to visit you again.

Thank you very much Marisol and José Antonio, always it’s a pleasure to share with you our passion and our wines. Looking forward to see you soon again!

Soon we will share with you other interviews of more visitors such as Carlos, Jimy, Zoe … but those are other stories.

Come to meet us and be part of the Crusoe Treasure family, it will be a pleasure!