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Why give Crusoe Treasure as a wedding gift?

Why give Crusoe Treasure as a wedding gift?

Why give Crusoe Treasure as a wedding gift? https://underwaterwine.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/kadarius-seegars-unsplash_regaloboda_Ct-scaled.jpg 2560 1707 Alvaro Chalbaud Alvaro Chalbaud https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/d3fbcb5bb1b842254393fac0ca1a4f5e


A wedding is a unique, special, unforgettable occasion, a date you will remember for the rest of your life. Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to find the perfect gift, something original, that will stand as a memory on that special day. Today’s society has changed, and the bride and groom usually have their house ready and don’t need big things. For that kind of cases, when what you want is to make them live a unique experience, we suggest the experiences of our Crusoe Treasure underwaterwine cellar. Visits that become experiences you will always remember, and also personalise. Visits that become experiences you will always remember, and can personalise.

Why is it a good gift?

Crusoe Treasure is the first underwater winery – artificial reef of the world.  Our wines, just like weddings, are unique, special, exclusive, different and limited.

How is Crusoe Treasure Winery different?

It is not only the origin of our wines on land, pampered to the maximum, the way of treasuring the wine under the sea that is vital, at a depth of 20m, in the bay of Plentzia, brings an evolution to the product, which translates into highly silky and very well assembled wines, always limited and numbered treasures that are collector’s items. In addition, its case, illustrated by the Japanese artist Yusei Nagashima, representing the marine life on the reef. Duet ss7

Is an underwater wine different from a wine aged in a cellar?

Let´s find out by yourselves! Give the Duet pack as a gift and extend their experience by offering newlyweds the opportunity to discover the differences for themselves. You will notice the difference in colours and aromas in each of them and it will give you an experience you will want to share with friends and family.


But, why stay there?

Offer as an ideal wedding gift a whole wine tourism experience with Crusoe Treasure. We offer virtual tastingsfor couples who want to enjoy the comfort of their own home, boat ride and wine tasting on board for those who want to enjoy a unique outdoor experience, and tasting at the origin, for couples with a passion for oenology who want to learn about underwater oenology in an exclusive and private way.

Still not decided on a product?

No problem! At Crusoe Treasure we know that choosing one option is complicated, so we offer the possibility of an online gift card, which can be exchanged for the product of the newlyweds’ choice, among our wines and experiences. Surprise the bride and groom by printing the card and putting it in a nice envelope, they will not expect such an experience.

If you have any questions, you can ask us in the chat on this page (bottom right) or by phone at ‭+34 688 638 114‬‬‬

Don’t forget, Crusoe Treasure Winery’s history is wonderful, but its wines perhaps even more so. The international awards obtained for the quality of our wines, or our packaging show that “deep down, we do things well”. ;).